PT ASABRI, Indonesia

Customer Background

ASABRI has established since 1971 and has under supervision by Indonesian Defense Ministry. Today, this company is under the auspices of ministry of state-owned enterprises. It has been providing products such as Insurance and Pension for members of the army and police and also the non-military member of all servants who has been worked in the hood of the ministry of defense and Indonesian police department.

Customer Challenges

In their existing environment, there are more than 90 virtual machines that are running on old servers since 2010 using Hyper-V. from Microsoft. The virtualization technology they use does not have HA (high availability) function, and they are looking for a solution that is cloud-ready which like Amazon Web Service or Azure Company, while they can also have Private Cloud which can be handled by themselves.

As the servers are old, performance has become a problem for them. The challenges are:
  1. They need a private cloud solution, which means all virtual servers need to be migrated to the platform. The solution needs to have good support in moving their applications from Hyper-V to the new platform
  2. The expansion has to be easy and simple so that they can easily add more compute and storage resources as their business grows
  3. The solution has to be cost effective, as Asabri is a Non-Profit organization
  4. Some new applications will be deployed in the new environment, like ERP
  5. Need high availability
Values of Sangfor aCloud

  1. Pay-as-you-grow easy expansion
  2. Customer can choose hardware server by themselves. With only 3 nodes, more than 90 servers can be hosted and managed on the Sangfor aCloud platform
  3. Sangfor converter provides effortless migration from Hyper-V to aCloud
  4. Sangfor aCloud can achieve High Availability with virtual SAN function that can give them 99,99 % SLA