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Enterprise Cloud & Network Security Solutions

With organizations trying to follow the trend of digitalization and stay agile at all time, IT departments are looking at growing and seemingly endless requests for better and faster services delivery, as well as increased e¬fficiency and robust operating environment.

Sangfor is a leading vendor, boasting over 5,000+ dedicated employees, managing continuous innovation for network security & cloud computing solutions in this rapidly changing world. We offer a large range of solutions for governments, finances, ISPs, schools, universities, and enterprises. If you want an assured solution that you can trust, choose Sangfor which is committed to innovative solutions.

Enterprise Cloud Computing and Network Security

We provide innovative solutions for all our clients by helping them achieve sustainable growth and create value. A few of the innovative and high-tech products that we have include:

Internet Access Management (IAM)
WAN Optimization
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
aBOS (Mini HCI)
VirtualApp (EasyConnect)
NGAF Firewall Platform
Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
Application Delivery

Our products are the latest innovative technology for cloud computing and network security solutions. We are constantly improving our services as we want to provide you with the best.

Network & Cloud Computing Solutions Across the Globe

With a large global presence in North America (US), Europe (UK), Asia (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, etc.), as well as Middle East & Africa (UAE, South Africa, etc.)., we are committed to provide first-class cloud computing and network security solutions to the world. We take pride in our exceptional customer service, providing top support on all our products to our Customers. Currently more than 100,000 Customers from various industries, including top universities, major banks, 5-star hotels and many Fortune 500 companies have effectively installed our solutions. Sangfor.

Award winning and sticking to high standards of services and products, we endeavour to create quality, long-lasting partnerships with our clients. If you require any solutions that can help you secure, optimize and improve your IT infrastructure, simply get in touch with our team today.

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