Product Overview

Hardware Load Balancing & Application Delivery

SANGFOR's Application Delivery (AD) solution, a major update of the traditional load balancing product, integrates the server, link, data center's load balancing and application performance optimization functions, which is the best choice for building a highly reliable and efficient service architecture.

It can help you realize the following goals:
- Improved the application system performance and bandwidth utilization rate.
- Optimized the server performance and customer's access experience.
- Improved multi-data centers' reliability and global scheduling.

Up to now, SANGFOR's AD has been widely applied in the core service systems of high-end customers, including governments, financial institutions, enterprises and Internet Service Providers.

Product Advantages

Gartner Magic Quadrant

Listed in the Gartner ADC Magic Quadrant for 3 consecutive years.

Intelligent Health Check

Combines both the active and passive detection technologies for comprehensive and actual service health check.

Fast Service Access

Adopts the TCP unilateral acceleration and photo self-adaption transcoding technologies to improve service transmission efficiency and increase user access speed by 30%.

Convenient Deployment in Cloud

Supports automatic O&M with the VMware and offers various hardware and software products. The AD software can be deployed on mainstream virtualization platforms, such as VMware, KVM, and Xen, etc., meeting all the requirements of cloud computing. 

Safe Service Delivery

Uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) offloading and access control technologies to ensure safe & reliable service delivery and adopts the real-time server loophole detection technology to eliminate service risks. 

Simple Operation & Maintenance Management

Offers the Oracle database, Weblogic performance monitoring & warning and SMS intelligent alarms for fast fault location and configuration optimization. 

Scenario Solutions

Multi-Link Load Balancing

Ensures proper traffic distribution in the multi-link network environment, increases bandwidth utilization rates, helps customers to reduce investment in telecommunication links and offers excellent access experience by assigning the best link to users and application systems.  

Server Load Balancing

Establishes an efficient health check and load balancing mechanism on the server, with no changes to the existing network. Provides a cost-effective and transparent error tolerance method to increase the equipment and server's bandwidth as well as throughput, improve data processing capability and enhance network flexibility & availability. 

SSL offloading for HTTPS services

Sangfor AD SSL off-loading is capable of mitigating performance load and increase server response via transferring SSL decryption process to Sangfor AD from server.

Multi-Data Center Load Balancing

Assigns users' access requests to the corresponding data center based on preset rules, which ensures proper distribution of data flows and makes fully use of all data centers. Improves the overall processing capability and stability of the application system and enhance users' access experience, thus reducing the customers' IT investment costs.

Virtualized Data Center Load Balancing

Releases the computing resources in the ESXi host when SANGFOR's AD product is deployed with the VMware vSphere. On the other hand, the vSphere ensures the high availability of the application and moreover, puts the Virtualization technology into full play.

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