Product Overview


Sangfor EasyConnect is a fast, simple and safe remote access solution allowing access to Windows desktops and applications independently of the machine they're installed on, from any device and with any operating system.

EasyConnect's VPN Secure Access Platform for Unified Business can help users access business systems quickly and securely, anytime and anywhere for any mainstream clients. In addition, it optimizes transmission speed, giving users the best mobile access experience and helping enterprises reduce the massive costs of IT construction.

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Product Advantages


Fully supporting Windows, MAC, Linux and other mainstream operating systems and internet browsers as well as virtual portals, application single sign-on and other functions, Sangfor EasyConnect simplifies system deployment and management. 


Sangfor EasyConnect includes an end-to-end security protection system, industry-leading encryption technology, multiple authentication methods, master-slave account binding and many other features to ensure user identity security, client/data security, transmission security, application permission security and audit security.


Various patented technologies optimize layer-by-layer from links, transmission & data to applications. Sangfor EasyConnect can accelerate access speed by 80%, providing each user with an extraordinary access experience.


EasyConnect & Application Virtualization allow easy migration of business systems without secondary development. EasyApp & Security Reinforcement modules achieve automatic data encryption with its integrated VPN module, making it perfect for easy business mobility. 

Scenario Solutions

EasyConnect Application Virtualization Solution

By deploying client application server and EasyConnect device in an enterprise, Sangfor EasyConnect can display real-time images of running applications to all kinds of clients, through a secure transmission tunnel, achieving easy cross-platform access, without secondary development.

Mobile Office Remote Access Solution

By providing the fastest, most secure and user-friendly mobile remote access solution, Sangfor SSL VPN can help branches, partners, customers and employees to access the internal data, OA, ERP, CRM, project management & other systems at any time and anywhere.

Success Stories

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