Industry Overview

Based on the Campus network construction, the education informatization and digital campus of schools uses advanced computers, networks and communication technologies to achieve comprehensive digitization of all information resources related to teaching, research and management.

Sangfor Solution

The environment of campus network is complex: On hand we have the teachers,students and visitors and on the other hand,teaching areas, living area and researching area with wired network and wireless network as well as different roles, different areas and different networks with different requirements on network management. Sangfor IAM can help you easily solve all issues on network management.

Many schools opened branch campuses and with the increase in the number of people in branch campuses, the user experience of library resources, teaching system and other systems has become the bottleneck. However, Sangfor can improve the system access experience for teachers and students with our WANO solution.

Sangfor NGFW provides end to end solution that strongly protects not only the security of servers, but also the security and stability of digital campus construction.

Success Stories